Advanced Treatments

PDO Mono Thread Lift

A PDO Mono Thread Lift is a non-surgical procedure to contour and enhance the under eye by visibly lifting and tightening skin in this area.

A fine micro-needle and biodegradable suture threads are used to lift the skin for a more wide-awake, refreshed look, improving the appearance of:

  • dark circles
  • wrinkles
  • under eye bags
  • sagging

The threads remain below the skin for around 6 months, where they trigger the creation of new collagen and growth factors before gradually dissolving.
Clara trained in PDO Mono Threads under the supervision of Dr Mervyn Patterson, a recognised expert in the field of PDO thread insertion among leading UK medical practitioners. Only the world’s most advanced N-Finders PDO threads are used at Aspire Aesthetics for optimum results from this treatment.

Price from: £300