Medical aesthetics is all about balance. When I look at your facial anatomy and structure, I'm assessing how to create harmony, improve symmetry and enhance your face as a whole. Often this requires a softly, softly approach, gradually building towards a desired outcome by making small tweaks in multiple areas. I don't want to change you or make you look like someone else; it's all about replacing what has been lost and enhancing your features to create the best version of you.


Most people don't want dramatic change overnight – and it's certainly not something I'd recommend. At the same time, treating only one area on the face can look unbalanced or just ‘not right'. This is why our consultation is so important, to plan the process together and the steps to reach where you want to be. Within reason… I've been told I have ‘fairy fingers', but sadly I don't have a magic wand!


Often our journey follows a different route than you may have envisaged. It involves trusting the process – along with my knowledge and experience from injecting thousands of patients with similar concerns to yours – and knowing what works.

Mid Face

I usually start by addressing loss of volume in the mid face, especially on someone who has started to show signs of ageing. This often has a knock-on effect of enhancing other areas of the face – for example, cheek filler can improve the appearance of hollow under eyes and nasolabial folds. Cheek augmentation can also have a lifting effect on early jowls and marionette lines, by replacing fullness and scaffolding that have been lost.


I'll then move on to other areas – for example deep tear troughs may require a little extra filler (though much less than if I'd started at this point). Deep folds and creases or smoker's lines may also need attention. Often skin texture, laxity and crepiness can be improved with skin boosters, microneedling or hyaluronic injections such as Profhilo.


Anti-wrinkle injections can make a dramatic improvement to most of my patients' appearance and always looks great. Remember that these can also be tailored to your facial structure and preference. Specific injection points and the quantity of units used can affect the outcome, from allowing some natural movement to creating a subtle brow lift.


It might surprise you to know that lip fillers are often the icing on the cake and the last area I would treat on most patients. If your lips have lost volume and definition and are the only area you want injected, I can still build up their structure in a soft way that compliments the rest of your face and looks natural.

Complimenting your Features

With most patients, it's essential to address the whole face as a canvas so that features compliment each other without any one in particular jarring or standing out. In fact, treating only one area can actually make the rest of the face look worse. If you've ever bought a beautiful new pair of shoes and felt the urge to elevate the rest of your look to carry them off, it's a similar principle!

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Clara McLoughlin, Aspire Aesthetics NI
BSc (Hons), PG Dip, SCPHN, RGN, RCN, Independent Nurse Prescriber

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