Anti Wrinkle Injections

A skin smoothing treatment to relax signs of ageing such as frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow's feet.

Our Anti Wrinkle Treatments



Dermal Fillers

Subtle enhancements to cheeks, brows, lips and more, tailored to the patient's unique needs and facial structure.

Our Dermal Filler Treatments



Skin Boosters

Deeply nourishing skin treatments for more radiant complexions, subtle volume and more.

Our Skin Treatments




PRP Therapy

A science-backed approach to harnessing your natural healing power for smoother skin, hair growth and pain-free joints.

Our PRP Therapy Treatments



Specialist Skin Treatments

Advanced treatments for a variety of skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, fine lines or acne.

Our Specialist Skin Treatments








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What have people said about my aesthetics clinic in Belfast?

  Clara is simply the best in her field....

I feel confident that Clara is enhancing faces rather than promoting over the top & obvious cosmetic work. The industry is so massive, but Clara stood out to me - everyone comments on her no pressure approach. Clara is simply the best in her field. Aside from being super knowledgeable, she has a lovely, warm personality that puts you at ease as soon as you go in the door. My insecurities about my face have gone - she has been able to achieve my vision of a ‘done, but not done look’ - people just comment on my new glow.   |     |  

  I leave every time feeling fantastic...

If you are thinking of starting treatments like these… Clara is the lady for you! The professional nursing background, knowledge & confidence make me feel so at ease every time. Clara listens to you, discusses & explains options & advises. I leave every time feeling fantastic   |     |  

  Thank you Clara for making me feel and look more youthful....

I will not look elsewhere now...I will go to Clara with confidence and know I can trust her approach... less is more for sure and I feel amazing!!!! Thank you Clara for making me feel and look more youthful.   |     |  





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Aspire Aesthetics NI – An aesthetics clinic in Belfast that that specialises in natural-look results.

I pride myself on my natural, less-is-more approach to help you look and feel your very best.

Have any questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact me at or   074 5294 9448

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